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Manage all your autonomic and QST testing data with our comprehensive software program and reliable acquisition systems.

WR TestWorks labs are modular, so you can start with one or more types of testing (cardiovagal, sudomotor. Adrenergic, or QST) and add other systems as your interests, needs, and budget grow.

WR TestWorks Software provides:

  • Automated point selection and analysis, with override capabilities.
  • On-screen, dynamic recordings of valsalva pressure and chest expansion.
  • Normative data for CASE, Valsalva, and HRDB, are provided at no additional charge, courtesy of Dr. Peter Dyck (QST) and Dr. Phillip Low (autonomic), Rochester, MN.
  • Customizable HTML report format

WR TestWorks labs are

WR TestWorks interfaces with the following devices:

Q-Sweat (Quantitative Sweat Measurement System)
Measures sweat rate and volume from 4 sites simultaneously. Parameters measured include sweat rate and total volume, response latency, and end comparison to baseline.

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CASE IV System (Computer Aided Sensory Evaluator)
Measures peripheral sensory thresholds. Parameters measured include vibration detection threshold, cooling detection threshold, and heat-aspain thresholds (pain onset, mid-range level of pain, and tolerance to increasing levels of pain).

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HRV Acquire
Measures heart rate, expiratory pressure for valsalva, and chest expansion. Provides cue for paced breathing and feedback for valsalva.

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