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Hilger Dual Stim Press Release

The New Robust Dual-Stim™ Nerve Stimulator from WR Medical Electronics is designed for use in both the Office and Operating Room.

The New Dual-Stim Nerve Stimulator from WR Medical Electronics Co. gives physicians and surgeons the convenience of using one nerve stimulation device in both the office and operating room.

Stillwater, MN (PRWEB) March 14, 2007 – WR Medical Electronics has announced a new product to our ENT product line, the Hilger Dual-Stim nerve Stimulator. The Hilger Dual-Stim is a robust, dual-duty stimulator for the prognosis of facial palsies and for surgical stimulation of motor nerves. Surgical indications for nerve stimulators include all surgeries of temporal bone and some extra cranial procedures: mastoidesctomies, myringoplasties, tympanoplasties, and parotidectomies. Made from high quality and durable components, the FDA cleared Hilger Dual-Stim will be the once-in-a-practice purchase you will reliably depend on time after time.

The Hilger Dual-Stim is battery operated and can be pole-mounted for placement anywhere in an operating room. Surgeons can feel confident in knowing that the facial nerve is intact prior to closing using either a re-usable or disposable digitally-controlled, constant probe current. For prognosis of facial palsies, physicians can bring the Dual-Stim into the office. the Hilger Model H3 Facial Nerves Stimulator—the predecessor to the Hilger Dual-Stim—h as been the standard in patient care for over 25 years. Nerve Excitability Testing, Maximal Stimulation Testing and Visual ENOG can be performed in minutes.

For more information or to purchase a Hilger Dual-Stim Nerve Stimulator, please contact WR Medical Electronics Co. at 800-635-1312 or via our website at wrmed.com.

WR Medical Electronics Co. is a privately-held company located in Stillwater, Minnesota and has manufactured quality products and provided superior service since 1962. It has been our privilege to collaborate with world-renown physicians in the neurology and ENT fields on innovative products such as: the Silverstein Model S8 Facial Nerve Monitor/Stimulator, the Hilger Model H3 Clinical Facial Nerve Stimulator, and the Brackmann II EMG Monitoring System. We intend to continue to work closely with other physicians and practitioners on original and marketable ideas to advance the study and practice of otolaryngology and neurology. Our products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 standards.