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CPT Codes

The CPT Codes listed below allow for 3 separate tests of the autonomic nervous system by neurologists.

95921 – Cardiovagal innervation (parasympathetic function), including 2 or more
of the following: heart rate response to deep breathing with recorded R-R
interval; Valsalva ratio, and 30:15 ratio

95922 – Vasomotor adrenergic innervation (sympathetic adrenergic function),
including beat-to-beat blood pressure and R-R interval changes during
Valsalva maneuver and at last 5 minutes of passive tilt

(Do not report 95922 in conjunction with 95921)

95923 – Sudomotor, including 1 or more of the following: quantitative sudomotor axon
reflex test (QSART), silastic sweat imprint, thermoregulatory sweat test, and
changes in sympathetic skin potential

95924 – Combined parasympathetic and sympathetic adrenergic function testing with
at least 5 minutes of passive tilt

(Do not report 95924 in conjunction with 95921 or 95922)